SchreibLink® – the efficient method for data collection

To an operator, highly recurrent data documentation and analysis of the own biogas plant, is a base for controlling and safety to be efficient and undisturbed. Data collection and processing is a daily workload, which is often tedious and error-prone.

A direct way to digitalize data

SchreibLink looks like a normal pen, but just from the outside. Inside, our multitasking tool is adapted with modern technique. During collecting the data of you biogas plant into your special document, Schreiblink gathers those optically, digitalized them and send the prepared information to the atres data base. The gathered data never have to confer by hand, consequently error sources can be avoided.

EASY, FAST AND TRUSTWORTHY – advantages of SchreibLink®

  • On site gathering on paper
  • Digitalizing data in real time
  • Error free data transfer
  • Direct conferring, uncomplicated interface
  • Comfortable data preparation
  • Rapid availability of data for processing
  • Winning of time and higher efficiency
  • No change of workflows
  • Easy usage, no instruction necessary
  • Robust pen, usage of industry technique

How it works:

  1. Fill out your special document with atres SchreibLink
  2. Push the mailing button and send the digitalized data to your transmitter box, data will be sent to the atres server
  3. After a validation the evaluation will be generated and you receive the digitalized data
  4. Optional: Contact us for noticeable measured data to discuss about causes and solution approaches

Delivery contents

  • Digital pen atres SchreibLink
  • Transmitter box for cable free data transmission via Bluetooth and web
  • Charger for the pen
  • Refills


  • individual special document for your biogas plant
  • complete data preparation
  • provision of data in graphics in an open file
  • set-up service by phone

Additional Options

  • Efficiency check of your plant
  • Service for data storage
  • Instruction for your employees on site

Firmensitz & Probenannahme: Hansjakobstraße 127a, 81825 München